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Auto Insurance Fraud Defense Attorney

In California, auto insurance fraud can be charged and prosecuted as a misdemeanor or a felony based on the extent of the fraud, the amount of the wrongfully obtained funds, and whether or not the crimes committed are first offenses. Some of the most common documents used as evidence in auto insurance fraud cases are falsified insurance claims, medical bills, and police reports, which require extensive review to identify and authenticate.

The greater Los Angeles area sees the highest incidence of automobile insurance fraud in the state of California, and local, county, and state law enforcement agencies are paying close attention; in fact, a multi-agency regional task force dedicated to investigating and prosecuting auto insurance fraud is responsible for the majority of convictions since the 1990s.

The investigators and prosecutors in these cases are highly specialized and very experienced, and it is crucial that you retain counsel with the knowledge and years in the field to build a strong, compelling defense. 

Why Am I Being Charged With Car Insurance Fraud?

When your car is damaged or destroyed, you are legally entitled to the amount and type of compensation that your insurance agreement guarantees, and filing a claim to the best of your ability and understanding is the correct thing to do. However, the language of contracts and the laws governing insurance agreements and other binding legal documents is quite complex and not always accessible to individuals without training or experience in those disciplines.

If you incorrectly state the various information required for a car insurance claim or submit it in the wrong way, you may find yourself with a claim that contains inaccurate information and pays the wrong amount of money and other compensation, landing you in serious trouble. The criminal justice system has become harder than ever on the defendants in financial crimes, and citing honest mistakes or paperwork confusion won’t necessarily save you.

The intense investigation and document review required to dismantle the LA Regional Task Force’s case against you isn’t a job for just anyone. When you’re up against so many dedicated resources and offices, you need a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer that will aggressively fight for you. Contact Basmadjian Law Group today for your free consultation.

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27 Years of Accumulated Practice

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Karine Basmadjian has almost two decades of courtroom experience, and as a former prosecutor, she is uniquely equipped to anticipate and respond to the DA’s process.
If you are under investigation or being charged with car insurance fraud in the Los Angeles area, contact Basmadjian Law Group for a free consultation.

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