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Federal Crimes Defense Attorney

Bank fraud violations and other white collar crimes carry severe federal sentences as dictated by the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.  A single conviction for committing or conspiring to commit bank fraud may result in sentences of up to 30 years imprisonment and $1 million in penalties. Entering the right plea and building the best defense specific to the nature and degree of the charges you face is crucial in determining whether or not you hold on to your finances and freedom.
For more than 27 years, Karine Basmadjian has represented clients facing federal bank fraud charges for crimes including:

  ▪    Stolen checks
  ▪    Check kiting
  ▪    Check forgery
  ▪    Altered checks
  ▪    Accounting fraud
  ▪    Uninsured deposits
  ▪    Demand draft fraud

  ▪    Rogue/insider trading
  ▪    Fraudulent loans
  ▪    Fraudulent loan applications
  ▪    PPP loans related fraud
  ▪    EDD related fraud cases
  ▪    Credit card fraud
  ▪    Booster checks

  ▪    Stolen payment cards
  ▪    Card duplication/skimming
  ▪    Empty ATM envelope deposits
  ▪    Identity Theft (Impersonation)
  ▪    SWIFT/Wire transfer fraud
  ▪    Phishing and Internet fraud
  ▪    Money laundering

Why Is Bank Fraud Prosecuted So Harshly?

In the early 2000s, following a number of high profile white-collar crime cases, public outcry about the lax investigation and sentencing afforded the wealthy perpetrators of extreme financial crimes led to changes in federal business regulations and state and federal criminal laws.

Since then, the criminal justice system has responded to the pressure by pursuing charges of crimes like bank fraud very aggressively with little regard for variations in the severity of the offense, the amount of money illegally obtained, or the circumstances of the crime. In response to a demand from the public that crimes involving the theft of billions of dollars from sources like employee pensions be taken seriously, Federal and State governments began cracking down hard on any and all individuals and organizations suspected of financial crimes.

Don’t let them make an example of you. Trust Basmadjian Law Group to fight for you.

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If you are being charged with bank fraud or are currently under investigation, retaining the services of an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer. The skilled attorneys at Basmadjian Law Group are here to support you in creating the strongest defense. Contact us now at 800-818-4599 or via our online form to schedule your free consultation.

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