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Healthcare Fraud Defense

Health care professionals, institutions, and billing agencies are under greater scrutiny and tougher regulations than ever, and convictions for health care fraud are at an all-time high. These cases are legally complex, rigorously built, and harshly prosecuted. For individuals and companies facing these serious charges, representation by an aggressive, experienced health care fraud defense lawyer like Karine Basmadjian is an absolute necessity.

Health care fraud, including health insurance fraud, drug fraud, and medical fraud, is a label encompassing several state and federal crimes. Some of the charges defendants in a health care fraud might face include:

   ▪    Physician self-referral
   ▪    Billing for services not rendered
   ▪    Upcoding of services
   ▪    Upcoding of items
   ▪    Duplicate claims
   ▪    Unbundling
   ▪    Excessive services

   ▪    Unnecessary services
   ▪    Accepting or providing kickbacks
   ▪    Fraudulent medical practice (impersonation, falsified licenses, etc)
   ▪    Prescribing drugs under false pretenses
   ▪    Forging prescriptions
   ▪    Altering forms
   ▪    Falsifying eligibility

What Makes Health Care Fraud Cases Different?

Fraud cases involving health care professionals or institutions are exceptionally well investigated and persistently argued because health care fraud almost always involves defrauding state or federal government agencies at some point.
As more people become eligible for many different kinds of medical care coverage and prescription drug coverage– many of which are, again, connected to state and federal governments via funding, regulation, and vested interests– more instances of health care fraud by doctors, hospitals, patients, and insurance companies are expected.

In anticipation of this, the system is cracking down harder than ever on those suspected in the hopes that it will act as a deterrent to other fraudsters, and the charges and sentences are significant.

Don’t let them make an example of you – call the health care fraud criminal defense attorneys at Basmadjian Law Group today to start working on your case.

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Karine Basmadjian is a former prosecutor with nearly two decades of legal experience. Her inside knowledge of federal and state prosecution strategies will work for you to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. With thousands of successful defense cases to her credit, Ms Basmadjian is the health care fraud defense attorney you need to protect you, your career, and your future.

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