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Money Laundering Defense Lawyer

Money laundering, the practice of making the proceeds of criminal activity appear to have been earned through legitimate means, carries a punishment of up to 20 years per offense and fines subject to the amount of funds concealed. These charges are often brought as supplementary or related charges to other crimes.

A Strong Defense

Structuring/smurfing, or breaking down large amounts of money into small deposits to dodge reporting requirements Claiming funds as the result of cash-based businesses like parking structures, strip clubs, and casinos Smuggling cash to offshore accounts Funneling money through banks in jurisdictions with weak protections against money laundering Using dirty money to pay employees in cash off the books.

Retaining a criminal defense lawyer immediately is even more critical in cases of money laundering because once charges are filed the government can begin criminal or civil forfeiture proceedings, which strip those charged of their assets and make it very difficult for these individuals to pay for representation.

Because money laundering is a financial crime requiring extensive review of financial documents and transactions, representation by counsel experienced in analyzing this kind of data is essential to presenting a good defense.

A Strong Defense

Finding the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case for money laundering charges while playing to the strengths of a client’s defense can be a complicated matter, and many prosecution cases are made and convicted on evidence bordering on circumstantial.

Because money laundering charges are inherently tied to other crimes like racketeering, trafficking, and fraud, because of how it finances and enables further criminal enterprise, it’s taken very seriously in the criminal justice system and successful convictions make judges and district attorneys look good to constituents.

You need an attorney with the experience and skill to compile all the necessary information into the most compelling defense. Contact Basmadjian Law Group today to consult with a Los Angeles money laundering attorney.

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Karine Basmadjian and her associates at Basmadjian Law Group have decades of combined experience in successfully defending clients against charges of money laundering and other financial crimes. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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