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White Collar Crimes / Corporate Crimes

The laws regulating corporate crimes vary between jurisdictions, making it easy to find oneself in unexpected legal trouble due to misunderstanding or misreading of these laws. These crimes carry severe penalties, and the depth of knowledge required to successfully defend against such charges is substantial. When you and your business are facing charges or under investigation for corporate crimes like insider trading, securities fraud, backdated stock options, embezzlement, or money laundering, choosing the right corporate crimes defense attorney to represent you in the state or federal court is crucial.

Corporate crime charges may be brought against individuals, management, boards of directors, executive committees, corporate leadership, and entire companies, and once an investigation begins it’s almost certain that more and more names will be added to the list of those facing prosecution.

Being Charged With Corporate Crime Is Easier Than You Think

Investigations of corporate crimes, as the terms suggests, often involve whole corporations, and officials have routinely charged and sent to trial entire boards of directors and executive committees when in reality only some members of these groups were actually involved in criminal activity.

In other cases, minor oversights lead to major charges; for example, many jurisdictions do not have any specific prohibitions forbidding insider trading, and someone who, to the best of his or her knowledge, was acting legally may face unexpected charges due to a technicality or small error that permitted companies or individuals other states to be connected to the trading.

Non-involvement and ignorance of criminal activity are difficult to defend and prove, and demonstrating your innocence within an investigation comprised of extremely complicated regulations and thousands of pages in document review cannot be treated seriously enough. Contact Basmadjian Law Group today for a consultation on building the airtight defense you need.

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Karine Basmadjian is a defense lawyer with almost two decades of courtroom experience and the specific skill set necessary to provide aggressive, sophisticated representation in your case. Call Basmadjian Law Group now or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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