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Wire Fraud Defense Attorney

Wire fraud accompanies mail fraud as one of the oldest federal crimes listed in the US Code. Wire fraud is any use of radio, television, and most recently the internet to wrongfully obtain money or property.

Wire fraud indictments are often used against defendants when prosecutors don’t have enough of a case to level more serious charges, or added to other charges in order to secure higher fines and longer sentences for those convicted. Prosecutors find it very opportune to make wire fraud charges stick as the resulting longer sentences, larger fines, and higher rates of conviction reinforce an office’s reputation for being tough on crime, which affects funding and elections.
Each instance of wire fraud is a separate count carrying its own punishment, so these charges are easy to pile on for extreme effect. When pursued in conjunction with other fraud charges like tax, bank, health care, securities, mortgage, and honest services fraud, consequences are steep.

Wire fraud cases involve numerous parts of the US Code, and investigating such cases requires complex, in-depth review of documents and other evidence. Karine Basmadjian, a former prosecutor with more than 18 years of criminal defense experience, applies her inside knowledge of prosecution strategies to build a compelling case in your favor. 

Wire Fraud in the Modern Age

The legal definition of wire fraud is quite vague, almost intentionally so, and has often been used in cases to bring charges and obtain a conviction when prosecutors have or anticipate difficulty in proving other, more serious charges to a judge or jury beyond reasonable doubt.

Wire fraud is also frequently cited as activity linking individuals to others under investigation for various crimes, with the objective of demonstrating an organized crime syndicate’s existence in connection to crimes like money laundering, racketeering, and conspiracy.

Because prosecutors pursuing these and other charges under the RICO Act must present evidence of a certain number of interrelated crimes being perpetrated by a minimum number of people in a given amount of time, trumped up wire fraud charges are a shortcut to getting more names on the books and pushing their case through to an even harsher trial and potential sentencing.

Charges like this can be downgraded, disproved, or dismissed altogether, but only with the representation of a good criminal defense lawyer. Contact Basmadjian Law Group today for a free consultation.

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Ms. Basmadjian’s expert knowledge and impeccable record for vigorously defending clients in federal mail and wire fraud cases make Basmadjian Law Group the clear choice.
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