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Mail Fraud Cases

Mail fraud, which applies to crimes committed using both the US Postal Service and interstate private carriers like FedEx and UPS, is one of the oldest federal crimes on the books but is still aggressively pursued and prosecuted today.
Mail fraud indictments are often used against defendants when prosecutors don’t have enough of a case to level more serious charges, or added to other charges in order to secure higher fines and longer sentences for those convicted. Because each instance of mailing is a separate count carrying its own punishment, these charges are easy to pile on for extreme effect. When pursued in conjunction with other fraud charges like tax, bank, health care, secutirites, mortgage, and honest services fraud, consequences are steep.

Mail fraud and wire fraud cases are complex, and building a compelling defense in such cases requires in-depth review of documents and other evidence and a deep understanding of the inticacies of the law. Karine Basmadjian offers more than 18 years of courtroom experience including time as a prosecuting attorney, giving her inside knowledge of the most common tactics and strategies the prosecution will use in their case against you.

The Truth About Mail Fraud Charges

Most often, charges of mail fraud and wire fraud are added to longer lists of charges when the prosecution team knows they may not have enough evidence or the most convincing evidence necessary to make those other charges stick. Mail fraud prosecution, due to its complex nature and the exhaustive document review required, is extremely weighted in favor of technicalities. Obtaining a successful conviction for mail fraud where a bigger case involving more serious charges otherwise failed is often an instance of a court enforcing the letter of the law over the spirit of the law.

Don’t go to jail on a technicality. Contact Basmadjian Law Group today for focused, aggressive criminal defense.

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