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Criminal Conspiracy

Conspiracy to commit a crime is a felony charge that can be prosecuted regardless of whether or not the crime being planned is actually carried out. The major factor that makes these charges so serious is that individuals found guilty of conspiracy face the same punishment as individuals who succeed in committing the types of crimes being plotted.

Conspiracy charges are often brought by prosecutors with a goal of cracking down on street gangs and organized crime, because this allows them to prosecute all members of the group for knowing about, planning, or benefiting from a crime rather than only those with evidence of the crime against them. This is often the result of mass arrest “net” operations, and it’s frighteningly easy to be caught up in one due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In these situations, a strong and compelling case in your defense is crucial. Karine Basmadjian is a former prosecutor with almost two decades of experience as an attorney defending clients against serious state and federal charges. The law regarding these matters is complex, and concerns like the difference in classes of felony have a drastic effect on the severity of charges, sentencing, and likelihood of dismissal.

The Problem with Conspiracy Investigations

Because conspiracy by definition involves multiple parties and criminal conspiracy investigations are extremely time consuming and costly, the goal of the law enforcement officials investigating such cases and the district attorneys prosecuting them is to net as many individuals as possible.

Those being charged of lesser crimes are then offered deals in exchange for information like the names of others connected to the conspiracy. This kind of net-based and informant-based method of making arrests and filing charges is not always reliable and often results in people people hauled in because they were seen having a conversation with the wrong person at the wrong time, or because a desperate informant named them at random.

Your freedom is at stake– contact a Los Angeles Conspiracy attorney at Basmadjian Law Group today!

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