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Internet Fraud Defense Attorney

Internet fraud falls under the umbrella of wire fraud, which is defined as any use of electronic means to wrongfully obtain money or property, but because it involves such a new medium, regulations are inconsistent and improper charges are common.

Because it is a form of wire fraud, the same rules for charging and prosecuting apply; most significantly, each instance of internet fraud is a separate count carrying its own punishment, so these charges are easy to pile on for extreme effect. When pursued in conjunction with other fraud charges like tax, bank, health care, securities, mortgage, and honest services fraud, consequences are steep.

Prosecutors find it very opportune to add internet fraud charges to more serious charges, as their offices receive increased funding and individuals are successfully re-elected or re-appointed based on the agency’s reputation for being tough on crime. Trumped up charges resulting in longer sentences, larger fines, and higher rates of conviction are the simplest way to reinforce this impression.

Karine Basmadjian, a former prosecutor with more than 18 years of criminal defense experience, applies her inside knowledge of prosecution strategies to build a compelling case in your favor. Ms. Basmadjian’s expert knowledge and impeccable record for vigorously defending clients in federal mail and internet fraud cases make Basmadjian Law Group the clear choice.

New Technology, Old Tactics

Internet fraud, like other broadly defined criminal activity such as mail fraud or conspiracy, is often a channel through which multiple defendants are tied together by small amounts of potential evidence.

As part of the larger family of criminal acts encompassed by wire fraud, internet fraud is the latest way of padding the set of charges against a suspect that prosecution teams turn to in order to secure a more serious conviction and sentence, to tie a defendant to other crimes or defendants, or any combination of these goals.

Internet fraud is also such a frequently leveled charge because it so often involves interstate activity, automatically bringing the investigation to a much more serious level and adding to its resources considerably.

Basmadjian Law Group has a proven success record of getting charges like internet fraud cleared and dismissed. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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