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Organized Crime Defense Attorney

Engaging in organized crime (or mob crime) is a term for any illegal act committed by an organized faction to promote/advance the operations of the organization. This includes crimes committed or conspiracies to commit crimes by members of street gangs or traditional “mafia” groups, but also applies to crimes and conspiracies by any group of three or more individuals. Some of the crimes that can be charged as organized crimes are:

   ▪    Theft
   ▪    Illegal gambling facilities
   ▪    Insurance, housing, tax, and other types of fraud
   ▪    Bribery of public officials
   ▪    Illegal drug manufacturing and/or trafficking
   ▪    Embezzlement
   ▪    Racketeering

   ▪    Counterfeiting
   ▪    Money laundering
   ▪    Data theft
   ▪    Human trafficking
   ▪    Illegal acquisition and/or distribution of weapons
   ▪    Violent crimes, up to and including murder

Because organized crime involves multiple individuals at varying levels of involvement, it is often charged and prosecuted based on information provided by informants with something to gain or as a result of arrests made in net operations. The stigma of being associated with organized crime is long-lasting and can profoundly affect the futures of those charged even if they are acquitted.

The right representation makes the difference. If you are currently under investigation or or facing organized crime charges, retaining a competent mob crimes defense attorney immediately is imperative.

How Organized Crime Investigations Work

When you hear the term “organized crime”, it’s very likely that you immediately think of the families and criminal enterprises depicted in popular films and television, but the reality is much more complex and varied. The FBI defines organized crime as any group having some manner of a formalized structure and whose primary objective is to obtain money through illegal activities, including but not limited to bribery, fraud and embezzlement, money laundering, theft, smuggling, counterfeiting, trafficking, and racketeering as well as more violent crimes in relation to these money-making enterprises.

Additionally, law enforcement has the authority to investigate, arrest, and file charges wherever they have suspicion of “significant racketeering activity” indicative of organized criminal activity taking place. This can open up potentially hundreds or even thousands of people to investigation based on slight personal associations with a more suspect individual or the dubious testimony of an informant who wants to avoid jail.

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